FIRST WARNING Cynthia turned to see what made her tremble. A man had entered the room in the few seconds she had spent opening the fridge for a drink. She had seen guns in movies, today, it was real. The man pointed one at her. She dropped the bottle in her hand and the drink… Read More FIRST WARNING


I have had issues with many people about misconception and it seems everyone has been at the receiving end of its effects. I have as well been a victim most times. That though, does not mean it is something I am giving up on. It is something I have always tried to erase from my… Read More MISCONCEPTION


CUPID’S ARROW Unexpected but it struck, no horror, Cupid’s arrow, its sword hit; no warrior, My lips, sealed, dumb, they won’t talk, I pray, express my tender thing, lest it stalks. My heart, pump blood, beat, thy little task, Fall for a thing, for another heart, shouldn’t you first ask? Wait, till the time I… Read More CUPID’S ARROW