They All Become Real, Everything.

I didn’t realise, until the end of the last episode of Merlin, that Merlin had become real to me. I had not gained admission when I saw the movie. Actually, I only had to wait for season five in 2012. I saw the first four seasons at a stretch: afternoon, evening and at night. And some night, Merlin became an old man and alighted from a city bus. It was the end. I was heart broken. Merlin was gone and I was only left with the remnants of the spells I’d learnt, mental images of my favourite characters, Gwain, Elyan, Merlin, Arthur and of course; our beautiful queen Gwen whose name I was going to give my first child (and yes, I want a female first child).

But the images were beyond mental, the story was a truth to me. I found it difficult to bear it that Merlin ended. It was painful. I started stalking Colin Morgan, Angel Coulby, Kathie Mcgrath, Bradley James, even John Hurt on the internet. The few times I saw Bradley James, he was acting in some high school movie….Oh no, I want you in Camelot, but well, the best I could do to myself was shut down the laptop. And it became clear that I had to give up on this sorcery series.

Things become real to us.

After service on Sunday last week, I went upstairs to pick some stuff…..and there I saw it, clear, scary even, on the ground and unaware of what it had done to me. It was a nail, quite long, the size of a pen. The moment I saw it, a sensation ran through my body. I still can’t explain the feeling. But I cringed, the same way I would do after seeing a snake. First I was immobile, then I tried moving. No way! Then I closed my eyes and the tormenting reality became even scarier. As if I was there at Calvary, it became real to me. I saw the sledge. I saw the soldiers balance the nail on the palm. Then the hammer was lifted, and I saw the blood spout, first in a thin long line, then as the hammer hit harder, the blood gushed out without effort. All these in less than thirty seconds. And it had never been any more real to me. I’ve read it myself in the Bible. I was taught as a child that many years ago, Jesus was nailed to the cross and though I believed it many years ago, it became a revelation knowledge to me with my quick, spontaneous experience with the nail on Sunday.

These things become real to us.


I was returning from church on Sunday, last Sunday too. And I saw a car slowly drive past me. It was along OAU religion centre. I caught a glimpse of the face at the wheel, Dele Odule. Yeah, with his regular blank face. And though I have not seen a Yoruba movie in about five years, I was excited seeing this actor and his name came quickly to my mind. “Dele Odule”, I screamed and I didn’t mind that he could only do as much as look at me without showing any interest in a regular OAU student that was excited to see him. He became real to me.

These things become real.

Come to think of it, all of the abstract nouns become real when you give them a body to dwell in. Beauty for example is nothing if it doesn’t dwell in a body. Sadness and happiness only become real to us when we give them space in our body. You probably didn’t know what love is until you had your first crush…it became real, yeah, that butterfly feeling you can’t explain. And Gbam! The day you suffered your first heart-break, a different feeling consumed you. Without a body, life will be abstract. And in the end, even death needs a body to be real.

So, all the abstract things need a body before they can become real. And when this reality dawns on you, the understanding comes to you. Others May not know what’s going on with you…and even you May not be able to describe it in words, but you’re certain something is happening to you. This is what we call reality. And even reality needs a body to become real.

In all, man is a spirit, he’s got a soul, and he dwells in a body. So without the body, the real man (the spirit) cannot dwell among men. We experience reality. Our souls get the signal and communicate the reality to our bodies. This communication is multidirectional, it could be the body that has the first contact with the reality in which case the soul processes it (touch fire for example). The soul could also get the signal first. The Spirit can also do the first contact (in higher reams), and communicate it to the soul which then tells the body what to do with the information. I prefer this direction of communication.

But what am I saying? Reality dawns on us, someday, sometime, and we begin to try to get others understand us, understand our feelings. But there’s no need forcing them to feel anything. Every man will experience reality, good or bad, quickly or slowly. Whichever way, reality is not mechanical, reality is spontaneous.

Reality will come, in life, and after life. Certainly.

NOTE: Merlin is the only series I’ve ever finished.

Abiodun Adekanmi (Ablad).


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