The Compromises We Make

Written on May 18, 2016 ·

When my close pals asked me: “Solomon, why? The person you’re crushing on is not Igbo”, I answered that: “well, there’s a place for reasonable compromise”.

What am I saying?

Times there are when what you want seems unreachable while what you need is just before you, maybe begging for your attention. But because you’ve a preset mind, you’re too blind to see the importance of making do with what is available.

If it’s reasonable, and expedient maybe, compromise some standards, reorganise your filters and get on with life.

When Linguistics came instead of Mass Communication or English, I took it joyfully, later realising that it’s not what you read that always matters, but what you carry within. What I would do with my desired courses if I’d got them, I’m presently doing much more than, – and I can boldly say I’m doing well at it.

I told my Law-desiring classmate in 100L that she had to just embrace Linguistics, I told her it would be tragic to spend four years hating what you’re studying, or spend four years studying what you hate. Like, what is the point? She’s now doing well after we discussed, but some things had been affected negatively before then.

When I couldn’t get my desired Android OS phone, I picked up a readily available BB. Today, the things BB has enabled me to do, I wouldn’t have been able to do with my Java Nokia phone. And the pieces of information that I’ve got through its internet strength are just awesome. This brings me to the question I asked on twitter yesterday: “Your phone is smart. But are you?”

Life may not give you what you want. In fact, life is not ready to give you anything at all. But if what you need is available, brother, say to your neighbour, “brother, just grab it”.

I rest my case. *slices onion for turkey eggs*.

HEY NOTE: For a prospective romance customer, a.k.a bae in the marriage market, I can allow for compromises o, but the day I find out your toe nails are dirty, it’s just over between us. Plus, if you now make that annoying sound while chewing gum, my ancestors know that the ultimate search for another bae is just about starting all over. Thanks.


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