It was an evening blessed with the warm rays of the setting sun. OAU bats were on the rampage again, flying in different directions, hovering above
buildings and people. Their ugly looking feathers, spread in the sky, became beautified under the radiation of the now setting sun.

Sammy had gone to the rendezvous, a little bust stop where students boarded vehicles to their halls of residence. He wasn’t there to board a vehicle, neither
was he there to watch the sea of heads that either kept straight to their direction or looked around and dawdled up and down. He was there to meet Titi, his one
time girlfriend, his partner of a failed relationship.

When earlier that day, Titi asked to meet him at the place, he was surprised. In the eight months that their relationship had crumbled over the custody of Sammy’s laptop for a weekend, they had only exchanged one statement. It was rather a molehill, but the mountain made out of it saw to the beginning of the end
of their relationship.

It was Titi who first said it. “It is over between us”. He was shell-shocked but not as much as exasperated that Titi’s selfishness knew no bounds. Then he
blurted too, “it is over” and then thought about what he just said. What a sequence, thinking after speaking. He wished he had not said it, he wished he had been more patient, but he would never eat his words, real men never did that.

Titi did not look penitent, she only turned and left as if she had waited years for Sammy to tell her off. Sammy looked at her as she left and remembered the
pleasant past they had. The times of being a willing victim of debt over expensive dinners, times of romantic hangouts, the times of little pecking, times of holding each other’s hands and waking silently across a vast field of green grass.

Here she was, walking away with all his love, all his gifts and leaving behind a vacuum that will not be easily filled, sadness that would linger, thirst that would never be quenched, a punctured emotion. He did not cry, the tears refused to flow. He however went to bed on an empty stomach that seemed to be too filled to accommodate food.

That was eight months ago, and he had gotten over her quicker than expected. Today however, he waited patiently for her to show up. He couldn’t decipher why
she wanted to see him.

When she showed up in her flowery gown and a white scarf that flowed down her shoulders, she looked beautiful as usual, even without her blue eye-shadow
or the purple lipstick that first attracted him to her. They shook hands with each other and then a moment of brief silence followed.

“Sam”, she called as if stammering, looked straight into his eyes and back onthe ground. He didn’t see her face, it was now turned towards the ground, as if
reading from the sand what she would say next. He chose to fix his gaze on her
chocolate scalp, that scalp that once served as his meal, the one on which his tongue had practised its laundry expertise.

“I am sorry”, she said, still failing to meet his eyes.

“For what?”, he must have said it loud because she looked up and wore a quizzical look, a frown that seemed to make her more beautiful.

“I am sorry for leaving you”.

“What are you saying?”, he asked with a straight face, a face that was absent of any evidence of affection.

“I should not have been so irrational”, she cut him short. “I knew you needed your laptop. I knew how so much you loved me. The time I have spent without
you couldn’t have been more hellish…”

He was enjoying the words. They were sweet to his ears but he wore no such look as to show his happiness. Instead, he chose to hurt her a little, so he spoke
to her like a father chiding his daughter.

“Titi”, he said, placing his right hand on her shoulder. “I am happy I met you, but I am happier you left”. The words painfully dug into the deep recesses of her heart.

“Those times you were away have been the best of my life”. She wanted to slap him. She wished he could see how raging the fire which his words had flamed was but
she kept mute and tried to wear an ingratiating look.

“I have built my CGPA”. He looked into her eyes and saw a mist of tears ready to be released by the next blink. He didn’t care.

“I have realized how much my life depended on you. It should never have been so. I was too blind, blinded by love”. A sob escaped her, it encouraged him to
say more. “I was fooled by you, I played the dumb head”, she sobbed the more, it tickled him the more.

“Now I don’t want you in my life any more”. She cried and attracted some passers by. She tried to mutter a word, she found none.

“You once made a fool of me, but that was with my consent. You cannot have the consent again”.

“Sammy please” she said with a drawl. It began to hurt him to see her cry. So he chose to leave but not before he shove a white handkerchief into her hand.

“You may wipe your tears with this”, he said and turned away.

He moved few steps and looked back. She was still there and they had a one-to-one eye contact. She had dropped the handkerchief.

He moved farther away from her and looked back again. They had another eye contact. It glued him to that spot. He turned to her and the memories of the good
past came flooding, replaying really fast. He stretched his arms to her, his face still void of any emotion. As if remote-controlled, she ran towards him like a child going to a cone of ice cream.

She ran into his arms. Their embrace was brief but it felt like a whole day. With the hug went all the sadness, loneliness, anger and resentments. They held each other by the hand and Sammy thought of many things at the same time. “Women sha, such necessary evils”.

He considered apologizing for the heavily caustic words he said to her earlier but he was not going to cede his new found control on any account. He
embraced her again, whispering into her ears like he always did.

“I love you”, she said. It was then he realized she had never said it before their breakup. It convinced him, he wanted to say the same but he didn’t. He only held her hand in his, and squeezed lightly as they both dawdled along the vast field of green grass in silence that communicated a million messages.

I am @me_ablad on twitter.


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