Life used to be normal then
Sometimes, it is worth dying for
And sometimes, it worth losing
Some memories are written about
Some are red letter days

Life used to be ugly
I chase life like cat and rat
Yet nothing is achieved
In this world of ours, the close things I can’t reach
But the far seems frustrating.
Is life proud? If it can’t give me my needs
Yet it has it at hand
Wicked I think you’re!

Thus, many have life in you
They live and to prosper
And they died before their names
Good memories have they had with you
When wealth and fame chase them around
And they don’t deny dying for you.

Thought I’d give up on you?
I know you look stranded,

Yet I’ll get mine from you
You don’t kill me but make me stronger.

Omoboye Wale

@Wale_Banks on twitter


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