As she moved fore and back wearing the rarest smile in the world, she caught my attention, and everything else went with it! It was like a dream, a reverie and I wished I would not wake up or if I did, I was going to sleep all over, to see her again, in my dreams.

She had come to pick up her little sister from the Country Nursery School. Or so I thought. And so have I, to pick my six year old brother. As nature would favour me, her sister was in my brother’s class, class two.

A myriad of thoughts went through my mind. Each thought succeeded by another unfathomed. How could God have endowed her with so much beauty which could be shared by a million other girls without appearing any uglier than the angels? She was my dream, my day and everything.

As she went out giving her smile unsolicited by anyone, I chose my chances, and I carefully did, to return such, out of free will and for nothing in return. She got my attention and I hers. It went well.

“I’m Solomon” “I’m Meredith” “That’s a name as wonderful as its bearer, or the bearer before me, you’re not bad”.

One thing led to the other and we shared phone numbers and Blackberry Pins. We introduced our younger ones; my brother, her sister, as she said.

I was happier than I was before then. For seeing an angel. An angel more beautiful than the sun in the day, the moon in the night, the grass in the winter and the peacock in the forest! She was registered on my mind, as a template of my desire in a woman.

And things went the other way. It really was a dream, and I already woke up the moment we departed. She had come to take Ann, the name she called her sister though she wasn’t her sister.

Only one thing I never knew, that she had come to take her daughter, Ann, whom she had at the age of fourteen when her innocence was taken six years ago, by her paedophilic older cousin, Jack.

Meredith’s only secret to me after all, was that she never had a secret!.


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