GOODBYE! The sympathy of our late togetherness, Inevitable as the way it takes, Like the night becons the day, While the moon stalks away, Birds singing and youths making hay! Nobody van ever tell for sure, The mystery of tomorrow by nature, Perfectly imperfect I am in vision, And in all ways I have no… Read More GOODBYE!


MY NAME IS ADAM In this cuff your hands and no offence, Think innocence; and no real defence, This corner at dawn came men in black, All sense of right they came and sack, Yet you are nothing but innocent! My name is Adam and I did it all, Misdemeanor, No! Felony, I did it… Read More MY NAME IS ADAM


SENDING FAILED As the ‘semi’ teacher that I am, one lesson I’ve learnt from pupils is that they are, as young and innocent as you may consider them to be, the best, just and truthful judges to say everything about you. At times, they seem to know you more than you know yourself. Mike is… Read More SENDING FAILED